IoTivity C++ SDK
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCredentialThis class is for credential's to be set to devices
 COCResourceOCResource represents an OC resource
 COCResourceIdentifierOCResourceIdentifier represents the identity information for a server
 COCResourceRequestOCResourceRequest provides APIs to extract details from a request URI
 COCResourceResponseOCResourceResponse provides APIs to set the response details
 COCSecureResourceThis class represents a secure virtual device, which can be provisioned by the provisioning client
 CPlatformConfigData structure to provide the configuration
 C_nsTopicTopic linked list
 CNSConsumerConsumer information
 CNSMediaContentsMedia Contents of Notification Message (Optional)
 CNSMessageNotification Message
 CNSProviderProvider information
 CNSProviderConfigSet provider service with the following configuration
 CNSSyncInfoSynchronization information of the notification message
 COCByteStringThis structure will be used to represent a binary string for CBOR payloads
 COCCallbackDataThis info is passed from application to OC Stack when initiating a request to Server
 COCClientResponseResponse from queries to remote servers
 COCDevAddrData structure to encapsulate IPv4/IPv6/Contiki/lwIP device addresses
 COCDeviceInfoThis structure is expected as input for device properties
 COCDPDevDevice Information of discoverd direct pairing device(s)
 COCEntityHandlerRequestIncoming requests handled by the server
 COCEntityHandlerResponseRequest handle is passed to server via the entity handler for each incoming request
 COCHeaderOptionThis structure will be used to define the vendor specific header options to be included in communication packets
 COCIdentityEnd point identity
 COCObservationInfoPossible returned values from entity handler
 COCPayloadA generic struct representing a payload returned from a resource operation
 COCPersistentStoragePersistent storage handlers
 COCPlatformInfoThis structure describes the platform properties
 COCUUIdentityUniversally unique identifier