IoTivity C++ SDK
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OC::MessageContainer Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void setPayload (const OCPayload *rep)
void setPayload (const OCRepPayload *rep)
OCRepPayloadgetPayload () const
const std::vector
< OCRepresentation > & 
representations () const
void addRepresentation (const OCRepresentation &rep)
const OCRepresentationoperator[] (int index) const
const OCRepresentationback () const

Member Function Documentation

void OC::MessageContainer::addRepresentation ( const OCRepresentation rep)
const OCRepresentation& OC::MessageContainer::back ( ) const
OCRepPayload* OC::MessageContainer::getPayload ( ) const
const OCRepresentation& OC::MessageContainer::operator[] ( int  index) const
const std::vector<OCRepresentation>& OC::MessageContainer::representations ( ) const
void OC::MessageContainer::setPayload ( const OCPayload rep)
void OC::MessageContainer::setPayload ( const OCRepPayload rep)

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