IoTivity C++ SDK
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Class Hierarchy
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oC_nsTopicTopic linked list
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceObject::BuilderThis is a builder to create resource with properties and attributes
oCOIC::Service::BundleActivatorThis class represents Bundle to be activated by container
oCOIC::Service::BundleResourceThis class represents Basic bundle resource template to be registered in the container and make resource server
oCOIC::Service::CloudPropData class stored for provisioning of coap cloud server properties
oCOIC::Service::CloudPropProvisioningStatusStatus object for provisionCloudProperties API
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceAttributes::Value::ComparisonHelperA helper class to avoid obscure comparisons of values which are supported by RCSResourceAttributes::Value caused by implicitly converting a value to a RCSResourceAttributes::Value
oCOIC::Service::ConnectRequestStatusStatus object for connect API
oCOC::CredentialThis class is for credential's to be set to devices
oCOIC::Service::DevicePropData class stored for provisioning of Device properties which includes properties of WiFiConf resource and DevConf resource
oCOIC::Service::DevicePropProvisioningStatusStatus object for provisionDeviceProperties API
oCOIC::Service::RCSDiscoveryManager::DiscoveryTaskThis class represents a discovery task
oCOIC::Service::EasySetupThis provides an API to instanciate a new RemoteEnrollee object correspondent to Enrollee Device to be setup
oCOIC::Service::EnrolleeConfThis provide a set of getter APIs from received response for getConfiguration()
oCOIC::Service::EnrolleeStatusProperties of easysetup resource
oCOIC::Service::GetConfigurationStatusStatus object for getConfiguration API
oCOIC::Service::GetEnrolleeStatusStatus object for getStatus API
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceAttributes::KeyValuePairKeyValuePair is a class to access attribute's key and value of an element pointed by iterators of RCSResourceAttributes
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceObject::LockGuardThe class provides a convenient RAII-style mechanism for the attributes of a RCSResourceObject
oCOIC::Service::NotificationReceiverThis class represents Notification Receiver to get notification from bundle resources if there's any changes of attribute state
oCOIC::Service::NSAcceptedConsumersThis class provides a set of C++APIs for managing accepted Consumers
oCOIC::Service::NSAcceptedProvidersThis class provides a set of C++APIs for managing accepted Providers
oCOIC::Service::NSConsumerThis class provides a set of Notification service Consumer representation APIs
oCNSConsumerConsumer information
oCOIC::Service::NSConsumerServiceThis class provides a set of C++APIs for Notification Consumer
oCOIC::Service::NSMediaContentsThis class provides a set of APIs for Notification service Media Contents
oCNSMediaContentsMedia Contents of Notification Message (Optional)
oCOIC::Service::NSMessageThis class provides a set of APIs for Notification service Message
oCNSMessageNotification Message
oCOIC::Service::NSProviderThis class provides a set of Notification service Provider representation APIs
oCNSProviderProvider information
oCNSProviderConfigSet provider service with the following configuration
oCOIC::Service::NSProviderServiceThis class provides a set of C++APIs for Notification Provider
oCNSSyncInfoSynchronization information of the notification message
oCOIC::Service::NSSyncInfoThis class provides a set of APIs for Notification service SyncInfo
oCOIC::Service::NSTopicThis class provides a set of APIs for Notification service Topic
oCOIC::Service::NSTopicsListThis class provides a set of APIs for Notification service Topics Linked list
oCOCByteStringThis structure will be used to represent a binary string for CBOR payloads
oCOCCallbackDataThis info is passed from application to OC Stack when initiating a request to Server
oCOCClientResponseResponse from queries to remote servers
oCOCDevAddrData structure to encapsulate IPv4/IPv6/Contiki/lwIP device addresses
oCOCDeviceInfoThis structure is expected as input for device properties
oCOCDPDevDevice Information of discoverd direct pairing device(s)
oCOCEntityHandlerRequestIncoming requests handled by the server
oCOCEntityHandlerResponseRequest handle is passed to server via the entity handler for each incoming request
oCOCHeaderOptionThis structure will be used to define the vendor specific header options to be included in communication packets
oCOCIdentityEnd point identity
oCOCObservationInfoPossible returned values from entity handler
oCOCPayloadA generic struct representing a payload returned from a resource operation
oCOCPersistentStoragePersistent storage handlers
oCOCPlatformInfoThis structure describes the platform properties
oCOC::OCResourceOCResource represents an OC resource
oCOC::OCResourceIdentifierOCResourceIdentifier represents the identity information for a server
oCOC::OCResourceRequestOCResourceRequest provides APIs to extract details from a request URI
oCOC::OCResourceResponseOCResourceResponse provides APIs to set the response details
oCOC::OCSecureResourceThis class represents a secure virtual device, which can be provisioned by the provisioning client
oCOCUUIdentityUniversally unique identifier
oCOC::PlatformConfigData structure to provide the configuration
oCOIC::Service::ProtocolBridgeConnectorThis class represents connector to bridge non-IoTivity protocol and IoTivity for Protocol Bridge
oCOIC::Service::NSProviderService::ProviderConfigProvider sets this following configuration for registering callbacks and configs Set the subControllability, for notification servcie refering to following if subControllability, is true, provider decides to allow or deny for all the subscribing consumers
oCOIC::Service::RCSAddressThis is to specify a target address to discover
oCOIC::Service::RCSBundleInfoThis class provides APIs for creating, getting and setting the Bundle Information
oCOIC::Service::RCSByteStringThis RCSByteString the one of RCSResourceAttributes value for Byte String (Binary)
oCOIC::Service::RCSDiscoveryManagerThis class contains the resource discovery methods
oCOIC::Service::RCSGetResponseThis class provides factory methods to create the response for a received get request
oCOIC::Service::RCSQueryParamsThis is to specify query parameters for requests to the server
oCOIC::Service::RCSRemoteResourceObjectThis represents a remote resource and provides simple ways to interact with it
oCOIC::Service::RCSRepresentationThis class describes a resource representation
oCOIC::Service::RCSRequestThis class describes the request
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceAttributesThis represents the attributes for a resource
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceContainerThis class provides APIs for managing the container and bundles in the container
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceObjectThis class represents a resource and handles any requests from clients automatically with attributes
oCOIC::Service::RCSSeparateResponseThis class is to send a delayed response for request handlers of the RCSResourceObject
oCOIC::Service::RCSSetResponseThis class provides factory methods to create the response for a received set request
oCOIC::Service::RemoteSceneCollectionRemoteSceneCollection class is an interface class to send a request to SceneCollection resource on remote side
oCOIC::Service::RemoteSceneListRemoteSceneList class is an interface class to send a request to SceneList resource on remote side
oCOIC::Service::SceneScene class is an interface class to manage scenes provided by SceneCollection resource
oCOIC::Service::SceneActionSceneAction class indicates a unit of actions when a scene is executed
oCOIC::Service::SceneCollectionSceneCollection class is an interface class to manage SceneCollection resource
oCOIC::Service::SceneListSceneList class is an interface class to manage SceneList resource
oCOIC::Service::SecProvisioningStatusSecurity Provisioning Status
oCOIC::Service::RCSResourceAttributes::TypeA Helper class to identify types of Value
\COIC::Service::RCSResourceAttributes::ValueValue holds a value among various types at a time