IoTivity C++ SDK
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OCRepPayloadValue Struct Reference

Public Attributes

char * name
OCRepPayloadPropType type
union {
   int64_t   i
   double   d
   bool   b
   char *   str
   OCByteString   ocByteStr
 ByteString object. More...
   struct OCRepPayload *   obj
   OCRepPayloadValueArray   arr
struct OCRepPayloadValuenext

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }
OCRepPayloadValueArray OCRepPayloadValue::arr
bool OCRepPayloadValue::b
double OCRepPayloadValue::d
int64_t OCRepPayloadValue::i
char* OCRepPayloadValue::name
struct OCRepPayloadValue* OCRepPayloadValue::next
struct OCRepPayload* OCRepPayloadValue::obj
OCByteString OCRepPayloadValue::ocByteStr

ByteString object.

char* OCRepPayloadValue::str
OCRepPayloadPropType OCRepPayloadValue::type

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